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Introduction to the BPA Media Exchange
BPA Worldwide, the global assurance provider, introduced the BPA Media Exchange, a programmatic publisher collective, to bring “go to market” opportunities to buyers and sellers of digital advertising.

BPA Media Exchange & Programmatic Advertising for Advertisers
The BPA Media Exchange enables buyers to access digital media in targeted industry verticals. The Media Exchange connects publishers’ brand-safe, audited sites with quality marketers exclusively.

Data Leakage Webinar

Publisher Data Leakage, Bidstream and the Demise of the 3rd-Party Cookie
Media industry pros David Adelman, OCD Media; Mark Dye, Bombora; Cheryl Ng, WebMD; and Scott Roulet, BPA Media Exchage share information about the challenge of publishers’ data leakage in the digital advertising ecosystem and what will the marketplace look like if and when 3rd-party cookies can no longer be used.

Selling Buying Ads

BPA Media Exchange Interview: Sell-Side Tools
Two publishing companies’ ad operations executives – Monique Leija with Endeavor Business Medial; and Nikki Smith with BNP Media – share their experiences using the suite of tools within the BPA Media Exchange for the automated buying and selling of digital advertising.

Audience Extension

Audience Extension Explained
The BPA Media Exchange helps publishers deploy digital media solutions in a constantly evolving marketplace. Partnering with Bombora, the Media Exchange connects quality marketers exclusively with publishers’ brand-safe, audited sites.

BPA Media Exchange Summit: 101 on Programmatic Highlights – New York City – September 7, 2018
Frannie Danzinger, Integrate; Dave Hills, 614 Group; and Scott Roulet, BPA Worldwide; were among many industry pros who provided some great insights in these highlight clips from the Media Exchange Summit: 101 in Programmatic held in New York City.

Implementation of Programmatic

BPA Worldwide: Implementaton of Programmatic Advertising
Join Scott Roulet, Vice President of BPA Media Exchange, as he discusses how the BPA Media Exchange provides publishers with control over programmatic advertising.

Scott Roulet

The Business Case for Sales Automation
This session was originally held at the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) November 15, 2017.Challenge: Is selling to highly specific prospects of interest to your advertisers? Is being the source for prospective buyers not just on your sites but across an entire vertical of interest to you and your sales team? Do you have the scale necessary to qualify with technology partners?

Solution: When combined, publisher consortiums establish collective reach, which creates significant opportunity to engage highly targeted audiences. By utilizing programmatic technology, yield management and 3rd party verified audience, a publisher consortium can now efficiently maximize revenue while giving marketers the trust, transparency and accountability they require for their ad spend.

This session will clear up some of the common misconceptions about programmatic. Put aside fears of CPMs plummeting or the idea that programmatic is just for remnant inventory long enough to hear why programmatic can play a profitable role in your sales arsenal.



Originally aired January 29, 2020

Monetizing your digital audience unlocks access to larger ad budgets. Building audience segments and media activation must align with each advertiser’s KPI. Centro’s team of experts specialize in executing successful campaigns that drive the expected outcomes.

Centro’s Andy Bryant explains the solutions available to publishers participating in the BPA Media Exchange. In this session you will learn best practices for selling the value proposition, preparation and execution, including:

*   ABM to gain reach to specific companies
*   Combining re-targeting with 3rd-party tactics to drive full-funnel engagement for effective conversion-based campaigns
*   Audience extension to expand scale/delivery



Originally aired March 22, 2018

Topics include:

• Introduction to automated buying and the media industry’s migration to digital/programmatic

• Launch of the BPA Media Exchange

• “Outlet mall” (auction) and “Premium mall” (direct) Selling

• New sales opportunities – Not a sales team killer, but a liberator!

• Audience data sharing

• Live Q&A session



Originally aired October 24, 2017

The webinar introduces the BPA Media Exchange. With a “How To” focus, it will guide both novices and experts through the implementation process. Webinar topics include:

• Publisher on-boarding process to include site categorization, brand safety guidelines and more

• Sales activation – Setting up Direct and In-Direct sales