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Selling Buying Ads
Publisher's Automated Selling/Buying of Digital Ads

Originally broadcast on May 4, 2020

Unlocking Audience Extension
Programmatic Ad Solutions for the B2B Publishers
Programmatic Advertising 101 & A Primer on Digital Media

Join BPA Worldwide’s Scott Roulet for a 30-minute session to help you separate the myths from realities of the programmatic advertising marketplace.

Primer on Digital Media & Programmatic

Topics include: A brief overview of programmatic tools to increase B2B digital ad revenue in the marketplace Revenue sources through the BPA Media Exchange Introduction to the 33Across platform’s premium ad units Monetizing audience data

Whitepapers and Tutorials

Data Leakage
Data Leakage

What is it and how to prevent it in the bidstream

Data Leakage in the Bidstream

What is Data Leakage in the digital advertising process and why all publishers need to be aware of it.