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Throughout the world, BPA Worldwide is in the business of providing assurance. For 80+ years as a not-for-profit assurance service provider, BPA was originally created by advertisers, advertising agencies and the media industry to audit audience claims used in the buying and selling of advertising. Today, in addition to auditing audience claims, through its iCompli service, BPA verifies compliance to defined government, industry, and organizational standards as well as adherence to privacy, data protection and sustainability guidelines and best practices. Performing nearly 2,100 audits in over 20 countries, BPA is a trusted resource for compliance and assurance services.

About Scott Roulet

Scott Roulet leads BPA’s programmatic advertising initiatives, including the BPA Media Exchange, the first programmatic private marketplace for audited B2B media. He directs the operational execution and strategic development with publisher participants, technology vendors and the demand channels.

Prior to BPA, Scott consulted with leading media organizations including American City Business Journals and Kantar in areas of developing scalable solutions for advertising automation, audience data enhancement and advertising sales. In 2008, Scott co-founded B2B digital ad network, BBN, where he served as President until its sale in 2015. Previously, he held a number of executive positions focusing on digital expansion with companies including Cygnus Business Media, ProQuest Company and Oklahoma Publishing Company.


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