The BPA Media Exchange

The BPA Media Exchange for Advertisers

BPA Worldwide, the global provider of assurance, introduced the BPA Media Exchange, a programmatic publisher collective, to provide advertisers and media buyers with:

  • A vertically focused Private Marketplace
  • A collective of high-quality, audited media
  • 18 B2B verticals
  • Highly qualified audience

Every site in the BPA Media Exchange includes brand safety checks for:

  • Traffic Quality – Content
  • Non-Human Traffic – Site History
  • Page Quality – Ad Clutter
  • Social Presence – Industry Standards

The BPA Media Exchange follows the same stringent standards that have made BPA Worldwide the recognized assurance provider around the world. Marketers can be assured that every transaction is 100% transparent, along with brand safety checks of:

  • Site-Specific
  • Vertical Market
  • Audience Segments

Advertiser Assurance of Brand Safety

BPA is in the business of auditing media and performing independent third-party verification; therefore, the BPA Media Exchange of BPA publishers should be premium quality, third-party screened inventory. All stakeholders will be subject to industry compliance programs where applicable including, but not limited to, DAA Ad Choices program, Trustworthy Accountability Group Registration and Certifications, Media Ratings Council Certifications, and IAB standards certifications. BPA reserves the right to request BPA third-party audits of any of the above certifications for stakeholders transacting in BPA PMP. All parties need to have the Ad Choices icon visible and active in their respective Privacy Policy or site footers before they can participate.  BPA Publishers will be subjected during onboarding to the BPA verification and Brand Safety checklists

BPA Media Exchange